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The Annual Colorado I Have A Dream™ Foundation Gala is right around the corner. Save your seat and join us on Thursday, October 26th at the Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. Your support makes a difference. 

Dreamer Fourteener

The world looks different from 14,000 feet. Join the Colorado I Have A Dream™ Foundation Young Professionals Council on August 5th as they take on Mt. Bierstadt in Idaho Springs, Colorado to represent the climb to achieve our dreams. 


School is out, but our Dreamers are staying focused. From securing profesional internships to developing their leadership skills in out-of-state Summer programs- our Dreamers are making us proud. Read more about we've been up to in the June newsletter!

WISIP Dreamers

Our Work Is Success Internship Program® Breakfast on March 3rd was a great opportunity for our guests to meet Dreamers who have participated in the program, hear from corporate partners, and learn about WISIP's talent development model, placement criteria, and corporate sponsorship model.

Read more about our Dreamers in the March Newsletter!

Joey and Ruby Hill Dreamers

Thank you for taking a stroll down “Dream Street” at last year’s annual Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation (CIHAD) Gala on November 5, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Denver. The event was a great success, and with your help we will be able to continue supporting our high school Dreamers, as well as expand at STRIVE Prep Ruby Hill Elementary. 

Over 90% of our youth, who we affectionately call Dreamers, graduate from high school and in collaboration with our partners – the teachers, administrators, volunteers and others – they move beyond the threshold of high school into the next chapter of their lives. Your donations go towards expanding our reach, and support more than 500 Dreamers with access to resources that go beyond the classroom.