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Call it a future investment.

Class sponsorship is the ultimate expression of support and commitment to CIHAD. Class Sponsors go above and beyond. They commit for the long haul. Ultimately, a Sponsor is part of their class – and more importantly the lives of the students within that class – for the duration. Offering support from a variety of standpoints, CIHAD’s class Sponsors make a lasting and dramatic difference in the lives of Denver youth, their families and communities overall.  It also has a dramatic impact on the Sponsor’s lives.

A class Sponsor can commit to “adopting” a CIHAD class upfront or over the course of our 12-year program. Most Sponsors are individuals, family foundations or service groups that partner with us to support a class of Dreamers – a group of 40 to 50 youth – all from one school or housing development. A Sponsor guarantees core support of that class for 12 years. Some choose to provide additional funding for post-secondary educational assistance for the Dreamer class as well.

So, how much are we talking here?

Starting a commitment of a 12 year-long class currently requires $1.3 million in contributions and pledges.  The amount may come from one or several philanthropists and can be arranged for an upfront (discounted) payment or fulfillment over the duration of the class.  CIHAD is creating new class funding models that will include donors participating at a lower yearly investment, closer to $20,000/year. It’s a big investment with an even bigger impact. And like all major donations to CIHAD, class sponsorship is currently eligible for considerable tax credits.

Beyond financial support.

Sponsors can be involved in the class and with CIHAD in a number of ways:

  • Serve on the board of directors
  • Work with the board and staff to choose a mutually acceptable site for the class adoption
  • Provide input into key class hiring decisions
  • Interact with the class program director who manages the class
  • Lend time and other resources to the class community to enhance the Dreamers’ experiences
  • Interact with the Dreamers on a personal level

For more information on class sponsorship, please call CIHAD at 303.861.5005.