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Dreaming Big.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
 - John Lennon

Our Dreamers are anything but alone when it comes to their education – thanks to the uniqueness of our program and the incredible commitment of so many people and organizations. To the contrary, our Dreamers are part of a true community and gain a sense of belonging that encourages and strengthens them on their daunting journey from The Edge.

Learn more about our current Dreamer classes:

The McHugh Class

The McHugh Class of 2013-14 includes 55 culturally diverse Dreamers who started our program together in 2004 as third and fourth graders at Fairview Elementary. Lead by program director, Peter Noel, this class honors founding board member, Anabel McHugh, who along with her family has very generously co-sponsored this and other classes at CIHAD. Currently, Fairview is the only site that has housed two Dreamer programs.
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The McLoraine Class

The McLoraine Class of 2014’s features 55 Dreamers who started our program together in 2004 as third graders at Smedley Elementary. Almost all of the kids in the McLoraine class are Latinos who live in northwest Denver. Erin Larrabee is our program director and Lark Birdsong represents the late Helen C. McLoraine as class Sponsor.
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The Denver Active 20/30's Class

Denver Active 20/30’s Class of 2017 is the charity’s second adoption of Dreamers. Established in 2007 at Montclair Elementary, it is an ethnically diverse class of kids – many of whom live in housing developments on the east side of Denver. The class of 62 students is led by class program director, Marius Finch.
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The Weill Class

The Weill Class of 2017-19 was launched in 2008 when 42 ethnically diverse Dreamers of varying ages were taken into the program from North Lincoln Housing near the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver. The class is led by program director Andy Keiser. Dick and Judy Weill are its Sponsors. The national Morrison Foerster Foundation provided a challenge grant to establish the class.
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The Records-Rainaldi Class

The Records-Rainaldi Class of 2018 was also established during CIHAD’s 20th anniversary year. Dusty Teng, program director, leads the group of 42 Latino Dreamers who started together as third graders at Valdez Elementary on the northwest side of Denver. Martha Records and Richard Rainaldi are the class Sponsors.
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STRIVE Prep- Ruby Hill Elementary

The most recent expansion by CIHAD includes a research-based, whole-school model at STRIVE Prep Ruby Hill Elementary in Southwest Denver. The whole-school model allows six times the number of Dreamers to be served. This aligns with the beliefs of CIHAD President & CEO Rachael Gazdick, "Educational success doesn’t happen overnight; it results from ongoing support that begins early in life."